Sofas act as the centrepiece of most living rooms determining the aesthetics, ambience, and style of the room. It is important to choose the right ones for your living room. Here at Sofafox, we offer many high-quality, chic sofas in a variety of sizes, colours, and styles for you to choose from. Although, many of our clients seem to have difficulty choosing between our many great offerings. This is why we decided to write a detailed buying guide to help potential customers know what makes each special!

Corner Sofa Beds 

Starting with the most popular choice, corner sofa beds are amazing in their versatility and superb in their design. They act as a great sofa, but that’s not their only functionality: they also allow you to turn it into a half-decent bed, and most of them even come with extra storage space you can store anything you want in. Corner sofa beds usually fall on the larger side, and that’s why they can easily accommodate three people, which makes corner sofa beds an excellent choice for families. 

2 Seater Sofas 

Our selection of 2 seater sofas is cute, small, easily fitting in living rooms of any size. Their relatively small size means they’re less inexpensive to manufacture as well, which translates into lower prices for our clients! If you’re moving into your new home and want a little, inexpensive sofa to accommodate you and your significant other, this is an excellent choice. 

Another excellent use of the 2 seater sofa is to fill space in the living room. Having an empty living room with copious space almost always looks bad, so a lot of homeowners try to find a piece of furniture to fill that place with. Buying a 2 seater sofa won’t only make it look excellent, but it’ll also be practical and useful.

3 Seater Sofas 

2-seater-sofas slightly bigger brother, 3-seater sofas are practical and useful. They aren’t as big as corner sofa beds and they aren’t as small as 2-seater sofas, which makes them an excellent middle-of-the-road choice that can fill up most living rooms. 

We offer a wide selection of 3 seater sofas: leather and fabric materials; black, yellow, white, purple, and many more colours; with one, two, and even three cushions. You’ll find something you love thanks to the range of styles and colours, so check them out!

Fabric Sofas 

The type of material the sofa is made of is quite vital: it determines how long the sofa lasts, what kind of ambience it produces in the living room, and how comfortable it is to sit on. 

At SofaFox, we only list sofas with the finest fabrics sourced from high-quality manufacturers around the world. When you choose a fabric sofa, you can be sure the sofa is comfortable to spend time on, relaxing to look at, and fits perfectly with more traditional designs. It is a great choice for people who desire elegant and chic living rooms. 

Leather Sofas 

Leather sofas are the ultimate high-quality sofas to have in your living room. Do you want to impress your family? Do you want to feel confident inviting your coworkers over? Do you want to be proud of how good your living room looks? If your answer is yes to these questions, then a leather sofa is definitely for you. 

Its exquisite look isn’t its only advantage, however – leather upholstery lasts long, doesn’t change colour, and protects the sofa’s shape and consistency. That’s why you should check out our selection before you make your final decision.

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