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The sofa is an important piece of your living room. It’s where you lounge, spend time with friends and family, or simply relax. A great sofa can breathe life into your living room. We at Sofa Fox understand this, which is why our sofas are second to none.

We know that every house has its own unique style. After all, everyone is different and their wants and needs rarely completely overlap. For this reason, we boast one of the largest selection of sofas available in the UK. If you’re pressed for space but still want to give your living room a raw charm, try out a 2-seater leather sofa bed and discover how practical yet comfy sofa beds can be. Another popular trend in recent times are corner sofas – try our 3-seater corner sofas if you have a larger family or invite friends over more frequently. We also believe that you don’t need to pay large sums of money to get good results – try a cheap black corner sofa and see for yourself! All our sofas and sofa beds are of good quality. With Sofa Fox, you get great value for your money.

Corner sofa bed with storage

With living space becoming an ever scarcer and more valuable resource, every little bit counts. That's why modern sofas have to play a number of roles. As the main element of a living room, it has to be representative of your overall tastes and aesthetic sensibilities, while at the same time playing the very practical purpose of being a place to sit - as well as sleep, in the case of sofa beds. Of course, in most cases you will want to maximise your seating space while minimising the floor space the sofa or sofa bed takes up. Which is where corner sofa beds come in.

SofaFox's impressive selection of corner sofa beds is guaranteed to satisfy any client's need for a comfortable seating area that not only doesn't take up a lot of space, but actually provides more of it for you to store your belongings. Our corner sofa beds are definitely a cheap option, but that doesn't mean their quality isn't up to the highest standards - on the contrary. With some of the best designs and materials on the market, SofaFox's corner sofa beds with storage.

Modern sofa bed

Sofas have come a long way to achieve the looks and level of comfort they offer today. Crafted to conserve space, provide supreme comfort, and match the latest fashion trends, sofas are now more than simple furniture - they're a statement. Modern sofas are designed smaller and have better structure, making them perfect for any contemporary home.

SofaFox offers one of the best selections of sofa beds on the market. Each one is made with care and attention to detail, so that you can be sure no corners were cut during the manufacturing process. Using a wide range of materials and designs, we are able to provide you with the most robust range of sofas that are a perfect fit to modern homes. This offer also includes a whole selection of modern sofa beds with storage, so that you can store even more in your multi-functional room. Our products are among the best in the country, so if you're looking for the best modern sofa beds in the UK, you've come to the right place.

2 seater sofa bed

Finding an ideal solution for your home can be pretty tricky. With the modern lifestyle necessitating the conservation of space and living spaces becoming smaller and small, space saving has become a an incredibly important aspect of living. That's why many people choose to combine their living room space with their bedrooms. For that purpose, one of the best solutions are the excellent-quality 2-seater sofa beds offered by SofaFox. Made from the finest materials and in line with the best, most practical designs in the field, our 2-seaters are second to none.

3 seater sofa bed

If you want to conserve space in your home, there's hardly a better option than a sofa bed. After all, by combining a living room and bedroom into one room, you gain one additional area to utilise as you see fit. With SofaFox, you can be sure that you'll get the best options available. With our 3-seater sofa beds you can maximise your seating space while maintaining a great amount of floor space, as well as get a reliable storage area.

Sofa beds for everyday use

As the pace of modern life speeds up and more and more people come flocking to the city, the amount of residential space available decreases. With tiny flats and minuscule houses, finding clever ways to increase the amount of available space in your home is crucial. Moreover, families grow and housing situations change, so you never know when you might be in need of an additional bed or sofa. That's why sofa beds for everyday use are becoming the norm.

SofaFox offers the best selection of everyday sofa beds in the country. Made using the best materials and tried and tested designs, our sofa beds are very well prepared for daily use. You can open and close them on a regular basis, but they won't break for a long time! They come in a variety of sizes, so if you have a bit more space and want a large sofa bed for everyday use, that won't be a problem - we have it all! So check out our offer today and we promise you that you'll a sofa bed for regular use that will satisfy all of your needs.

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Corner sofa beds with storage for small rooms

It’s often difficult to find the right sofa when your living room space is limited. Corner sofa beds for small rooms allow you to not only fit more people on a relatively smaller surface, but your living room can now double as a bedroom, freeing up space in other rooms. Take a look at our corner sofa beds with storage to make the most of that tiny living space.

Sofa beds for everyday use

Many people are still wary of sofa beds – don’t they break after being used too frequently? Not our sofa beds! Check out are great selection of everyday sofa beds and find out for yourself that using one as your main bed is no less comfortable than using a regular bed. Are sofa beds are perfect for everyday use.

Most comfortable sofas

Choosing the right sofa is a really important step in the arrangement of a living room. As you will be spending a lot of time there, either chatting with friends over a cup of coffee or simply relaxing with a book, you want to choose the most comfortable sofa available. Sofa Fox has got you covered – we provide ridiculously comfortable sofas at fantastic prices.

Modern corner sofas

Not enough room in your house? A regular 3-seater takes up too much space, but you need that extra sitting area to accommodate all your friends. What to do? Take a look at our impressive selection of modern corner sofas, coming in a wide selection of patterns and colour, to fit your living room like a glove.

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