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Choosing the right sofa for your home can be a very difficult decision. There are many things you need to consider, and there are many constraints you need to contend with. But regardless of the circumstances, requirements, and tastes, a small sofa is an excellent choice. 

Whether it is for smaller rooms or a large living room, the right-corner sofa can provide you with excellent seating, excellent comfort, and a stylish centre-piece that can complete your home design. 

At Sofa Fox, we offer a wide range of corner sofas of all sizes, shapes, and colours. Particularly, we offer excellent small and miniature corner sofas made from the highest quality materials at very affordable prices. Regardless of whether you're looking for a corner group sofa or a hand corner sofa, you're going to find it here. Check out our collection below and see for yourself.

  • Small Corner Sofa  - ONYX - Black Leather Corner Sofa...

    Onyx corner sofa bed is one of our most popular and most desired corner sofa beds. Its...

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  • Small Corner Sofa  - Chill

    Revitalize your living space with “CHILL”, our L-shaped corner sofa bed with storage,...

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  • Small Corner Sofa  - Amber

    The Amber corner sofa bed is the most comfortable and charming out of our range. Its...

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  • Small Corner Sofa  - Amber Corner Sofa Bed
    Available Online only

    The amber corner sofa bed is one of the most comfortable and charming out of our range....

    £ 649.00

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  • Small Corner Sofa  - SOPHIE

    Sophie just joined the Sofafox family. This classic-looking quilted corner sofa bed...

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  • Small Corner Sofa  - OPAL

    This rather inviting sofa couch is just bursting with softness and a kind of...

    On sale! £ 999.00

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Things You Should Consider Before Buying Small Corner Sofas

It takes a lot of faith to shop for a couch online because it's likely to be one of the largest and most costly pieces of furniture you'll ever buy. To assist you to get the perfect corner sofa for your home, we're here to explain what to look for in a sofa before you make a purchase.

Before making a purchase, whether online or in person, there are several things to consider. These include the type and style of the corner sofa you want, its size and whether it will fit in your home, the quality construction, how many people you want to seat, and what you should buy (and avoid) based on your lifestyle.

These are all important considerations if you want to make the right decision. We've all heard horror stories of people who bought their ideal sofa only to find that it couldn't fit in the room, through a doorway, or up a flight of stairs.

To make sure you get the perfect corner sofa for your home, we'll guide you through some key tips that will help you make the decision. In addition, at Sofa Fox, we're always happy to talk and chat with our customers and guide them through the finest sofas we have to offer. If this guide feels overwhelming, you can always get in touch!

#1 Accurately Measure the Sofas

The first step is obviously checking the measurements of the sofa. When you are buying a small or miniature sofa, you are obviously looking for a specific height, width, maybe even seat height, etc. You need to make sure the sofa you're buying meets your requirements.

Thankfully, at Sofa Fox, we make this process very easy. The dimensions of a couch, at the very least its width, height, and depth are listed online on our product pages. Additionally, you might be interested in knowing the gap from the floor, the arm's breadth and height, and the depth and height of the seat cushions.

Our spec sheets and assembly manuals contain all of this information and more. In simple terms, all the measurements of our sofas are easily accessible, which makes shopping really easy.

#2 Check the Cushions

Always keep in mind that a sofa's insides are equally as significant as its outside. While foam or fibre cushions have their own advantages, feather-filled cushions can't be overlooked as they represent a luxury option that many homeowners desire.

Ultimately, what kind of cushions you want will depend on your budget, your needs, and your lifestyle, and you need to consider it carefully when making a purchasing decision.

#3 Don't Forget About the Fabric

Your choice of fabric - whether you choose a strong colour, a specific pattern, or a neutral design - will have a significant influence on the design, so be sure it matches your design aesthetic before making your final decision. If the couch will be near a window, make sure you get a fabric that doesn't fade due to direct sunlight.