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We believe that while choosing sofas for the living room you should think of them as roommates. They will accompany you in the room every day so they should be reflection of your personality. But we cannot forget that they should also combine comfort and ease of use. Our comfortable sofa beds are an interesting proposition for both your living room and guest room. During the day they present themselves elegantly and take up little space while at night they allow a comfy night rest. Our assortment includes beds characterized by universal and modern forms. Simple shapes will be in perfect harmony with both the modern arrangement of the room, as well as classic designs. The variety of textures, colours and patterns of upholstery fabrics that we offer will allow you to select a sofa bed tailored to your individual preferences. We also understand that during even the most peaceful family afternoon small 'accidents' may occur that is why for our furniture we use only the highest quality fabrics that can be easily dry-cleaned and leather that is very easy to care for. Soft and wide seating and extra pillows will ensure maximum comfort and incredible sleeping experience for you and your guests. Many of our sofa beds have built-in storage for bedding that provides you with additional space for quick and easy putting away your favorite duvets and pillows. Check out wide range of our sofa beds and find that one and only which will become your 'reliable friend' for years.

  • Sofa Beds - Little Joy

    There is a subtle yet charming energy about jet. This quirky & colourful sofa bed...

    £ 299.00

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  • Sofa Beds - PEGASUS with...

    Pegasus is our new stylish arrival. This very comfortable corner sofa bed features two...

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  • Sofa Beds - AMBER

    Amber corner sofa bed is the most comfortable and charming out of our range. Its...

    On sale! £ 499.00

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  • Sofa Beds - GRETA with two...

    This delicious and superior corner sofa bed will definitely add some charm to your...

    £ 490.00

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  • Sofa Beds - WILLIAM - 3 seater sofa bed

    William fabric sofa is all about being cosy and comfortable. I must say that it is most...

    £ 599.00

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  • Sofa Beds - Aspen
    £ 549.00

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  • Sofa Beds - TOPAZ

    This highly practical and pleasing suite will line any room with silent beauty. Topaz...

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  • Sofa Beds - Roxy

    Roxy sweet Roxy!!  It is so good to have you. Perfectly tailored, highly functional....

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  • Sofa Beds - HARRIS - 3 seater sofa bed

    Harris fabric sofa is all about being cosy and comfortable. I must say that it is most...

    £ 599.00

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  • Sofa Beds - ARRATA with...

    Corner sofa ARATTA stands out with its lightness and fashionable design. The corner...

    £ 899.00

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  • Sofa Beds - DIAMOND with...

    Shining through with pure sophistication and modern flashy appearance, Diamond is the...

    £ 850.00

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  • Sofa Beds - Big Mama
    Available Online only

    Bring in the essence of classical beauty and elegance that will stand the test of time...

    £ 649.00

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Corner sofa beds

When buying a corner sofa bed online, a lot of factors have to be considered. After all, it's not easy to choose something when you can't touch it and feel it to see how it works for you. Here's a handy Q&A to let you know what you should consider when buying a corner sofa bed online.

What size of sofa should I choose?

Before you decide whether you want a corner sofa bed with storage or one that's more of a luxury model, you have to measure your available space. We as precise as you can and gauge whether you want something standard-sized, or maybe a corner sofa bed for a small room. This can save you a lot of trouble in the future.

What material is best for me?

Once the measuring is out of the way and you know how big you want your sofa to be, it's time to get to the more pleasant part of ordering your sofa. The material you should choose for your corner sofa bed really depends on what style you want to achieve. If you're looking for something more contemporary, leather might be your best choice. And if you want something more down-to-earth, we offer a range of fabrics.

Comfortable Sofas

Our sofas are among the most comfortable sofa beds in the UK. The blend of style and comfort make our sofas excellent to sleep on during the night and perfect to invite friends and family to sit on during the rest of the day.

Comfort is the most important quality in sofas:

  • Numerous health issues like back pain result from people sleeping on sofas that aren’t created with the customer in mind. You’ll have to pay extra for painkillers and doctors just to continue using the sofas.
  • It’s annoying and cumbersome to sit on uncomfortable, cheap sofa beds. Your friends and family might not say anything out of courtesy, but they will all secretly wish you’d get a new sofa.

The Modern Sofa

The sofa has a surprisingly long and colourful history. The term itself originated from Turkish and has roots in the Arabic language. It was used, along with couch, in the early 16th and 17th century to denote a furniture item you’d sleep on.

From there, it evolved into colourful settees and canapés widely used in the Victorian era. Victorian Britons cared about posturing and exuberant displays of power and wealth. That’s why couches from this era are usually very colourful and dominate the room with their presence. They make the person sitting in them stand out, and they were used to distinguish between people from a lower social standing and nobles.

Now, we finally arrive at the modern era, which started in the late 19th and early 20th century. People started caring much more about comfort and quality rather than uniqueness and exuberance. The sofas started being more standardised and lost their uniqueness, but they made up for it with their versatility and comfort. Most sofas designed with the modern style in mind fit into any layout and room - they place utility over all else.

What Makes Our Comfy Sofas Special

We realise there are a lot of companies out there offering furniture to customers, but we’ve strived to strike the perfect balance between quality and value when it comes to our products. We are fully aware that the only way for us, as a family-run small business, to thrive and grow, is to be loyal to our customers and provide them with the best furniture made from the highest-quality material:

Varied Colours and Design

We’d all like our living rooms and bedrooms to reflect something about us and our personalities - furniture is the primary mode of self-expression for many people. Perhaps you like the Yellow fabric Sofa bed with storage, with its lively colour and strong presence that will lighten up your room and give it a more cheerful atmosphere. Or you might be a calm and collected person who’d love how our Cheap black corner sofa Amber will give your room an air of refinement and sophistication.

Size Matters

One of the main advantages of our Sofa beds is how much space they’ll save you. You can use them to relax with your friends and watch some shows on Netflix while eating pizza, and afterwards, you can use the sofa bed as a very comfortable place to sleep. If your house has space constraints, sofa beds are one of the smartest investments you can make. Especially since some of our sofas, like the Roxy modern sofa, have storage places where you can keep rarely used items around your house - the triple function of sofa, bed, and chest makes it the best on the market.

Built to Last

We don’t make products that degrade quickly - we want our furniture to last long and act as proof of our values as a company and as a family. We use the best materials across Europe and process them in high-end factories, which prepares them for extended use and lengthens their lifespans. This means that every part of our furniture is high-quality and lasts long.

Sofas for a Playroom

While we’d all like our children to be more physically active, there’s no doubt they spend most of the time sitting down and playing on their tablets or watching TV, and that’s why having a sofa in your children’s playroom is important. With extended sitting on an uncomfortable sofa, your children will damage their still developing and delicate spines.

Top sellers

  • Amber
    AMBER - corner sofa bed

    Amber corner sofa bed is the most comfortable and charming out of our...

  • JET
    Little Joy

    There is a subtle yet charming energy about jet. This quirky &...

  • ONYX
    ONYX - corner sofa bed

    Onyx corner sofa bed is one of our most popular and most desired corner...

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