Modern sofas


Throughout the years, furniture has evolved to better serve their purpose, conserve more space, and match the latest fashion trends. The sofa is no different. Modern sofas are a far cry from seats from previous time periods, being structured better, designed smaller and with contemporary sensibilities in mind.

Nowadays, sofas use a wide variety of materials, some of which were not accessible before. Frames are usually made with wood or metal, sometimes a mix of both, while mattresses can be either of the foam or spring variety, with state-of-the-art technology allowing for multiple layers of padding, ensuring lasting comfort. We now have more fabrics to choose from for the covering than ever before, ensuring all our couches will look exactly like we want them to.

Paris – modern 3-seater corner sofa bed

Is space an issue?

Modern sofas are designed to conserve space. Light in structure and easy to move, they can be effortlessly maoeuvered around a house. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes, to help you use the space your living room offers to its fullest. Corner sofas, 2 seater sofa beds (also called love seats), 3 seaters – these are only some of the types of sofas available now. Add to that sofa beds that add even more versatility to your furniture, and the solutions for space conservation seem near endless.

Modern Black Leather Corner Sofa Bed with Storage – Onyx

With fashion and interior decorating trends changing every decade, the selection of fabrics and patterns on couches becomes increasingly robust. While matte pastel colours and geometrical shapes are considered the cutting edge fashion in sofas, it is far from the only choice available. Be it a classic black leather sofa bed or a striped love seat, couches come in the largest variety to date. The prices are similarly varied, which means that you can find the seat that suits your aesthetic needs and doesn’t put a big strain on your budget. That black leather sofa may just turn out to be steal!


Though the styles may vary, all our sofas are manufactured using modern technology, ensuring that your furniture will be as solid as any art deco couch, while looking exactly how you want it to, and costing very little.

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