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Storage always seems to be an issue, whether you have a tiny house or a larger property. Having a sofa that offers ready storage space is an excellent 2-in-1 that will not only give you comfortable seating but will also add much-needed storage for use.

At Sofa Fox, we offer a wide variety of sofas with storage space. Storage sofas of a variety of sizes, colours, designs, and costs: If you are looking for a sofa with storage, you've come to the right place. Check out our collection below and find a new sofa for your home.

  • Sofa with Storage - Chill

    Revitalize your living space with “CHILL”, our L-shaped corner sofa bed with storage,...

    £ 649.00

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  • Sofa with Storage - Amber

    The Amber corner sofa bed is the most comfortable and charming out of our range. Its...

    £ 649.00

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  • Sofa with Storage - ONYX - Black Leather Corner Sofa...

    Onyx corner sofa bed is one of our most popular and most desired corner sofa beds. Its...

    On sale! £ 599.00

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  • Sofa with Storage - Amber Corner Sofa Bed
    Available Online only

    The amber corner sofa bed is one of the most comfortable and charming out of our range....

    £ 649.00

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  • Sofa with Storage - SOPHIE

    Sophie just joined the Sofafox family. This classic-looking quilted corner sofa bed...

    £ 699.00

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  • Sofa with Storage - OPAL

    This rather inviting sofa couch is just bursting with softness and a kind of...

    On sale! £ 999.00

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  • Sofa with Storage - Vienna - Corner Sofa

    The Vienna corner sofa bed is a modern, stylish and practical piece of furniture that...

    £ 1,499.00

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Benefits of Sofas with Storage

A couch with storage might be the perfect solution for the growing demand for storage space that appears to be present in every house without ruining the aesthetics of the home or buying overpriced furniture. It is a necessity in every home that wants extra space, and in this section, we'll go over all the benefits you get from buying a storage sofa.

#1 Excellent Aesthetics

Storage-equipped sofas may also enhance the visual appeal of your design making them more than just a functional choice. There are many different types, designs, and colours available to match your room and produce a lovely appearance.

You don't have to be concerned about guests noticing the storage because many models include concealed storage that is not immediately visible and won't ruin the visual appeal of your home. So, not only can you get a stylish and chic piece of furniture, but thanks to the hidden sofa bed mechanism and storage, nobody will notice all of its added utility and functionality.

#2 Excellent Storage

A couch with storage also gives you a place to store all of your seasonal things. The ample storage area within the sofa will offer a spot for any extra stuff, whether you need to store winter blankets, out-of-season apparel, or even holiday decorations.

For individuals who live in smaller houses without a garage, vast wardrobes, or other storage areas you would find in larger dwellings, this extra space can be a huge benefit. You don't need to fill your regular wardrobe with out-of-season clothing all year long. If you want to minimize clutter, a sofa with a storage compartment is an excellent way to go about it.

#3 Maximise Available Space

You can't just start tearing down barriers to make additional room, let's face it. You can make your home feel both cosy and large by simply utilizing the appropriate furniture to assist you to make better use of the available space. Your greatest option for optimizing the space in your house is multi-functional furniture.

For instance, you may substitute a sleeping bed with a sofa bed, and by getting one with extra storage, you'll have an excellent piece of furniture that acts as a sofa, a bed and provides extra storage. It's ideal if you don't have space for a separate guest bedroom or wish to use your study as an additional bedroom. During the day, use it as a sofa; at night, use it as a bed.

#4 Lower Costs

There is no need to buy numerous furniture pieces when you may have one that serves a multitude of purposes. This helps you save money and space. How much would a wardrobe cost? How much would a cushion cost? How much would a bed cost? By getting an excellent corner sofa bed with comfortable cushions, you can get all 3 in just one household item.


These are just some of the benefits you will get when you buy storage sofas with our company. Thanks to our high-quality materials and great prices, satisfaction is guaranteed. If you have trouble choosing the right sofas for your home or office, contact us, and we'll be more than happy to help.