Things To Know Before Buying a Leather Sofa

Buying a leather sofa is an investment that is most certainly worth it, as leather furniture is timeless, elegant, and compliments almost every interior design. Finding the perfect leather sofa, however, is not always as simple as walking into a store and buying the first one that is to your liking. There are many factors that can potentially influence the style of sofa and type of leather you choose. Here is everything you need to know on how to buy a leather sofa for your house.

Are Leather Sofas Durable?

Real leather sofas are some of the most durable furniture around, and with regular maintenance and care, can last you long decades. Leather is naturally water-resistant, which makes it an easy to clean fabric. It also doesn’t accumulate much dust, so hoovering and dusting it is less needed when compared to other types of sofas. Leather is a material you can count on when it comes to resistance against wear and tear, as it is naturally tough and should hold up beautifully against every day use. If you invest in a quality leather sofa bed from the UK, you can be sure of its longevity.

Which Type of Leather is Best for a Sofa?

There are a few types of leather that are used to manufacture furniture, especially sofas and chairs.

Pigmented leather should be the material of your choice if you value durability and consistent surface appearance. It is used in the majority of upholstery, and with modern technology can be finished to be printed, embossed, or plain. The durability of pigmented leather is enhanced thanks to a polymer surface coating that contains pigments. This type of leather allows for a greater resistance to scuffing, fading, and soiling.

Aniline leather, on the other hand, is for those that value more natural looking furniture. It is unique in a way it looks, as some animal hide remains visible. Pure leather of this type is usually coloured only with dye, without any additional pigmented coating, which makes it more prone to soiling. You might be able to find furniture with aniline leather with non-pigmented surface coating to offer some additional protection. However, you should expect some natural marks and shade variation with aniline leather. To keep it in good condition, regular maintenance is required.

Another alternative material for your luxurious sofa is semi-aniline leather. It is more durable than traditional aniline material, while still providing you with that more natural look, thanks to the light coating with some pigments. This leather, however, is very sunlight sensitive, but you should get a more consistent colour with it.

Onyx - Modern Black Leather Corner Sofa Bed with Storage

Choose a Leather Sofa that Will Match Your Interior

The first consideration when choosing a sofa should be aesthetics and comfort, and fortunately leather sofas provide both.

A leather sofa inside a living room is an interior design classic, that can be both timeless and modern. It adds beauty and depth to your spaces and fit in with various styles of decor. Tailored and tufted sofas suits classic homes, and streamlined with square arms and cleaner lines sofas complement a more contemporary space. Leather furniture in any interior adds an element of sophistication. Choosing your desired look and feel will help you decide on the best type of leather for your sofa, and the best leather sofa for your home.

Leather Ages Over Time

One thing you should be aware before buying a leather sofa is that as a natural product with unique characteristics, your sofa with soften with age. This particular quality adds to the appeal of living with furniture. Note, that leather sofa will not stay in the shape that you buy it in, try to embrace the wear and character it develops with time.

Natural leather might have some marks or discrepancy of colour where it has come into contact with sharp objects. It is a standard occurrence, and that doesn’t mean you should replace your furniture, it’s what makes it unique.

Does Leather Require a Lot of Maintenance?

As mentioned before, leather is a material that is durable and has some wear and tear resisting qualities. However, some cleaning, and occasional dusting or hoovering is still needed to make sure that it stays functional and aesthetically-pleasing for longer.

One of the most important factors, that you should consider is where your leather sofa will be located inside your living space. Make sure to avoid a position with direct strong sunlight for long periods of time, as any natural product can be damaged by natural harsh light.

Final Words

Now that you know the specifics of buying a leather coach, you are more than ready to find the perfect product for your living space. Choose the right type of leather, be aware of the maintenance level required for this particular piece of furniture, this knowledge should help you order the best leather sofa for your house. When it comes to leather sofas, choose quality above anything else.

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