> Corner sofa beds with storage for small rooms

Corner sofa beds for small rooms

It’s a simple fact that cheap flats with minuscule living spaces are currently on the rise. Whether the cause of this is an increase in the costs of real estate, the rising difficulty of receiving mortgage, or people simply refusing to move house after their marital status changes, remains entirely debatable. Nonetheless, people inhabit small spaces where they can barely contain their belongings. Many interior decorators advise such individuals to contain two or three room functions in one room, but there is still untapped potential in the simple act of combining the living room with the bedroom.

A small living room is challenging enough to plan, and when the number of rooms in your flat is less than ideal, you may find ourselves deciding to sleep in the same room you lounge and dine in. When you finally find a small enough sofa bed, preferably a corner sofa bed, so it takes up even less space, another problem will eventually arise. As your flat is now stacked from top to bottom with space-saving furniture and your bedroom/dining room/living room/kitchen is almost bursting at the seams from all those masterful solutions you worked so hard on, you have no more room to store all your new things.

What now? Additional storage!

The solution is quite simple. Many furniture manufacturers now offer additional storage space in sofa beds. While the size of the sofa bed remains small, as the whole point of such a construction is conserving space, the storage space is strategically placed in a way that can fit more than just your bed sheets. Thanks to this, you have more area to distribute without needing to fill up more of your room’s space with an additional cabinet. The trend is becoming more and more popular, with companies offering varying shapes and colours of the sofa beds, allowing your small living space to still be as stylish as ever, no matter how cramp.

With small surface areas becoming increasingly prevalent as living spaces, corner sofa beds with storage may just be the future. Fortunately, furniture companies are catching up with this trend, providing us with just as much variety as we have for larger spaces.

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