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Most comfortable sofas

As furniture designed for seating, the most important role a sofa must fulfil is providing comfort. While issues like space conservation and aesthetic properties are still essential, it goes without saying that it would be hard to relax on a sofa that failed to provide that. Just blindly buying the first couch that catches your eye gives you no guarantee that it will be comfortable. Consider the following guidelines to determine the ideal couch for your home.

A sofa’s design influences the comfort level substantially. One size does not fit all in this case, and it is always a good idea to test a sofa before buying it. As for what specifically influences how comfortable a sofa is, the most basic aspect to consider is the depth. A deep seat will suit taller people better, while shorter individuals should opt for less seat depth. For easy reference, it is a good idea to measure the length of your leg from the knee to the buttocks and use that as reference when deciding on the seat depth.

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Take into account the sturdiness of the frame, as well as the fillings. Weaker materials like particleboard or plastic may be lighter, but they might break more easily, as well as make the sofa wobblier. Hardwood like oak, maple, or alder are more preferable materials, as they are more durable and give the sofa more weight, ensuring it will stay in place and offer you stable ground. In a similar vein, check the joinery: metal screws, brackets and wooden corner blocks are all good, and they can also be reinforced through nails and glue, but make sure that it isn’t based solely on glue or nails. Some are joined through staples - these should be avoided entirely, if possible. A good quality sofa usually has the legs shaped directly from the same slab of material as the frame.

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The most comfortable springs for your filling are of the eight-way hand-tied variety, but they can be quite expensive. Sinuous - otherwise known as serpentine - S-shaped springs offer a similar level of comfort while being considerably cheaper. When it comes to the rest, there are various options. Foam fillings are cheap, but they don’t offer as much comfort as others and get flattened fast. Feathers are very comfortable, but they require a good deal of maintenance. Fillings that use goose feathers and down are both comfortable and low-maintenance, but they are also a very costly choice. A good, cheaper alternative is a mix of down and foam. The same rules apply to cushions.

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Comfort encompasses more than physical comfort, however. Though space conservation may not be the first thing to come to mind at the mention of that word, a neatly organized space with practical solutions can greatly enhance your comfort of living. Consider a sofa bed that will allow you to neatly combine two rooms into one and leave more room for other things. Additionally, such sofas often come with extra storage to further enhance your comfort of living. A corner sofa is not only more interesting to look at, but can make it easier to manoeuvre through a small living room. And make sure to tailor the looks of your couch to your living room. Neutral colours are more likely to suit more types of decoration, and can be easily spiced up through the use of brightly coloured cushions.

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